Local Knowledge
HopeTown Resident Captain Stafford Patterson
February 2009

Well, after living in Abaco for 40 years I finally made it to Hole in the Wall yesterday by land. Been past there in the boat before but not by land. The road after the turnoff from the main road was not as bad as I had been led to believe, but good ground clearance is needed as there were some significant potholes to navigate around. It was 52 ? miles from Boat Harbour. The scenery was gorgeous despite mostly overcast skies. There are also some nice beaches close by. We explored one of the caves just off the side of the road & wondered if it had ever been used by the Lucayans. I felt strong vibes saying so.

On the way back we stopped at Sandy Point for a beer, fresh bread (devoured on the way home) from Miss May & to see how the shoreline looked now that Bahamas Fast Ferries has removed their ramp - it was interfering with tide/sand flow along the shore causing erosion under Nancy’s Restaurant. Oh & we also saw some Abaco parrots as well. They allowed us to get way closer that I ever expected, the pictures I got were so so. Of course there is much more to the story of our adventure but sorry, you are going to have to come to Abaco & experience it for yourself! Or see me at Capn Jacks at happy hour & I’ll tell you about it first hand. The photos are of me & my wife, kids & dogs, some of the signs we saw on the way, the lighthouse, cave entrance & the parrots. Enjoy!

Captain Stafford Patterson
AKA Captain Plug

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