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Visiting Abaco since when it
was still under British rule.

Dear Interested Party,

The website Abaco Escape has been my baby since the late 90’s. It has grown to own a stable spot as NUMBER ONE ! (after paid Ad’s) with a google search using “Abaco Guide”.

Some years back I started selling Banner ads. AbacoEscape and its pages were earning about $3,000 a year including Google Ad’s, And that’s  without a local sales person calling on folks. There is no doubt that someone local or a regular Abaco visitor would greatly improve Ad Sales.

Like I said, calling on the island folks was my most fun part of owning AbacoEscape. I so much enjoyed working in tidbits of local lore and adding ones own Abaco island expertise into the text. I'll miss that.

Frankly my Ad sales have dropped off as I haven't been to Abaco in about eight years and I just turned 77, which brings me to my point. 

I am looking not for a sales person, but someone to buy the whole website . Maybe you might know of someone. I might add AbacoEscape has received a substantial jump in the number of hits the first six months of 2018. See Stats.

Of course there are expenses. Hosting is currently $179.50 annually and a domaine name is $15.00 +/-. That includes an email account too @AbacoEscape.com.

Someone would have to be familiar with internet coding- HTML etc. as currently I do not use a web design App. I’d be happy to help during a transition period, say 1 year. Also, I’d continue to put together the banner ads if need be during this period. As a suggestion, one might want to switch to WordPress or other app during that time.

Here is the link to Our Ad Program page 

Here is the performance page (stats) mentioned above

And in case you're wondering, in addition to advertising - Bannor Ads and Google Ads, does the website have other money making potential. The answer is YES!

We get inquiries monthly. We could get more by exposing that fact more predominantly. I get asked all sorts of questions where folks ask for my input. 

Of course, these are all things that would have to be discussed with any interested party. It can be an nice and fun income earner. The secret is being there or annual visits.

Feel free to e-mail to arrange for a Facetime or Skype call.


Sandy Estabrook

Sarasota, Fl.